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COVID Update

July 2022


Our 2022/23 season begins in September, and consists of four plays and the annual panto. Refreshments will be available during the interval.

Masks are no longer a requirement, but feel free to continue wearing them if you prefer. 

Once again, we thank you all for your continued patience and support.

Upcoming Performances

Stone Cold Murder

Stone Cold Murder
Performances: Mon 12 Sep until Sat 17 Sep 2022


Written by James Cawood

Directed by Dave Cooper

Newlyweds Robert and Olivia Chappell have bought a small hotel in the English Lake District, and at the end of their first season they settle down with a drink in front of a warm fire. But their evening is interrupted by the  arrival of Ramsay, a rugged hiker seeking shelter from the snow storm outside. Unlike her husband, Olivia senses danger. Could the stranger have anything to do with her own dark past involving a stolen diamond and her dangerous ex-boyfriend Sam looking for revenge? Another male visitor soon appears and Olivia’s worst nightmare comes true. A desperate fight for survival begins, shedding a very different light on all those involved while ratcheting up the suspense until the very end.

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Hobson's Choice

Hobson's Choice
Performances: Mon 7 Nov until Sat 12 Nov 2022


Written by Harold Brighouse

Directed by Christine Coaster

Henry Hobson is the autocratic proprietor of a moderately upmarket boot shop in 1880 Salford. A widower, Hobson is a notorious miser, drinker, and a man of his time who believes that women should know their place. He has three grown-up daughters who have kept house and worked in their father’s shop for years without wages, but now Alice and Vicky are eager to leave and marry their young suitors. Hobson has no objection to losing Alice and Vicky, but not Maggie; she is too useful to lose...

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Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots
Performances: Fri 13 Jan until Sun 22 Jan 2023


Written by Jon Dixon

Directed by Beccy Gilmore

Signed Performance: Sunday 15th January, 6pm.

Max, the youngest son of a miller, takes the family cat in after hearing it was going to be re-homed. But the feline is no ordinary cat! Once the cat receives a magical pair of boots from the cobbler, Puss sets about changing his master’s destiny to win the Princess’s hand in marriage. Along the way Max and Puss will have to outwit the evil Coldheart and the Ogre; all whilst trying to impress Princess Penny and her father, the King.

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Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery
Performances: Mon 20 Mar until Sat 25 Mar 2023


Written by Ken Ludwig

Directed by Ali Broughton & Ann Leake

In a gloomy landscape of foreboding fog, perilous quicksand, threatening moors and terrifying monsters, the world’s favourite detective, Sherlock Holmes returns to solve the most famous case of his career. Together with his trusted friend, Dr Watson, they must work their way through seemingly unfathomable clues and the numerous equally unfathomable characters that they meet along the way. Their mission? To unmask the killer of Sir Charles Baskerville, unravel the mystery of the supernatural hound and save the latest heir to the Baskerville fortune from a centuries old curse. Grab your deerstalker and join them on their adventure in this fast-paced comedy from the award-winning mastermind of mayhem, Ken Ludwig.

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Steel Magnolias

Steel Magnolias
Performances: Mon 22 May until Sat 27 May 2023


Written by Robert Harling

Directed by Vicki Lockey

Set in a small Louisiana town in the time of big hair (1980s), six women gather in Truvy’s beauty shop for gossip, friendship and support. These six characters find comfort in each other. Filled with hilarious repartee & a few acerbic but humorously revealing verbal collisions, the play moves toward tragedy when, in Act II, Shelby (who is diabetic) risks pregnancy and forfeits her life. The sudden realisation of their mortality affects the others, but also draws on their underlying strength and love which gives the play, and its characters, the special quality to make them truly touching. Harling’s script is hilarious, touching, life-affirming & a magnificent celebration of women’s friendships.

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