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Tynemouth Theatre Masks

How To Book

There are four ways to book your tickets:

1. Buy a Season Ticket: Only £30.00 (Monday play only) or £36.00 (Tues - Saturday plays) 

The ticket entitles the holder to reserve the same seats on the same day of the week, and for all four plays. Please note:

  • You must select the same evening for each play to take advantage of this offer, but we will endeavour to change an evening on request if we can.
  • The pantomime performance is not included in the season ticket.
  • To book a season ticket, please call or email as shown below.


2. Web-booking, where you can choose your seats for each individual play and pay online using a Debit card, Credit card or PayPal. BEWARE: when the system takes you to PayPal you will be asked to select the country you are in. Be sure you do as the default is the USA.


3. Call our Booking Line - 0191 292 9292.

Please note this is an Answer phone service. Please leave your message and you will be contacted about your requirements.


4. Emailtheatre@tynemouth-priory-theatre.com
Please include contact details and ticket requirements.

Unfortunately, credit and debit cards cannot be accepted on email bookings, but they are acceptable to use on both telephone bookings and via the Web-bookings above.

After making your phone, email or season ticket booking request, please send all payments to: 

Tynemouth Priory Theatre
Percy Street
NE30 4HA

Cheques to be made payable to "Tynemouth Priory Theatre".



Monday night performances are all £8.50
All other performances are £10.00
Pantomime tickets: Children £8.50, All others £10.00
All tickets are available through the booking line and the pantomime web booking form.



When you book online you will be asked to give information such as your name, address and email (this last is essential as your ticket will be in the form of an email). We understand and sympathise with people’s reluctance to give out personal information lest it is misused. The booking system at Tynemouth Priory Theatre is in the house so we control what happens to your personal data. It is stored securely and is used in two ways: to process and service your specific bookings (we keep an electronic record of all your seat bookings both on the system and copied to selected theatre members); and to contact patrons about future productions in a very limited way. We do not give or sell our patron’s data nor do we needlessly contact former patrons with marketing. If you have any issues with our data policies please get in touch by email at theatre@tynemouth-priory-theatre.com, phone at 0191 257 5186, through the website http://www.tynemouth-priory-theatre.com/ or by post at Tynemouth Priory Theatre, Percy Street, NE30 4HA.




Wheelchairs can easily be accommodated however it is best to book parties with Wheelchair users by phone/email so that accompanying persons can be accommodated.

Please state the number of people who will need to remain seated in their wheelchairs.

Please include your email address on the booking form if you would like to be added to our database and kept informed of upcoming productions or any other news relating to the theatre. We will not pass on your information to any other parties.