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The Priory Theatre club was formed in 1946 by Miss Ria Thompson and the first plays were performed in Holy Saviour's Parish Hall and is a registered charity (Number 1071165).

After many successful and happy years it was possible for the club to find a more permanent home and The Wesleyan Chapel in Percy Street was purchased in 1972.

 Visitors describe the theatre as "a little jewel" and over the years we have undertaken building work and refurbishment to ensure the comfort of our patrons and good facilities for our members.

While the focus of our activity is putting on theatre, the social side is just as important. Being part of Tynemouth Priory Theatre is about meeting people with like-interests, making friends, working together to make things happen and having fun. We like everyone to play their part, however supporting, but the play is just as valuable as the work. On the social side:

  • We run regular club nights when members put on play-readings, mini-play performances, quiz nights and the like.
  • Coffee is served every Saturday morning in the Green Room when members meet to chat, hear the latest news, win prizes, talk to officers, plan social activities.
  • There are meals out at Christmas, trips to other theatres……..
  • Play-readings happen regularly, for example before formal auditions.
  • There is a regular newsletter “Curtain Up”.
  • Work and play: members socialise while they help out with productions and many friendships develop while selling programmes, helping with props or during rehearsals.
  • There are parties after productions, and in between with the friends you make.
  • Getting involved in the Theatre can be a great new focus in your life if you have become jaded at work or you need a new challenge.


If you are considering joining the theatre please contact our new-member team (email the theatre or come to a coffee morning on saturday) and download our prospective members booklet


Everything within the theatre, whether associated with productions or not, is done by the members. The range of backstage activities and jobs is endless


We have hire out scenery cloths and furniture.