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The Dame of Sark

26/2/18 - 3/3/18

The Dame of Sark


Thanks to all who managed to make this weeks performances. Anyone who couldn't earlier in the week might like to know the show goes on until Saturday night. As there are spare seats, you might like to try your luck on the door tonight or tomorrow if you couldn't use your season ticket or booked seats.



Written by William Douglas-Home

This play, based on the autobiography of Sibyl Hathaway, the hereditary feudal chief of the Island of Sark, chronicles the German occupation of the island during WW11 covering each year from 1940 to 1945. It shows how she and her husband with dignity and ingenuity dealt with the occupying forces, and the hardships the islanders endured which included near starvation and the eviction of some from their homes.  The main theme throughout the play is the relationship between the Dame of Sark and the German Commandant, Colonel von Schmettau, their growing respect for one another whilst each trying to maintain their own authority, pride and dignity. There is humour and pathos in equal measure in this moving adaptation of Sibyl Hathaway’s autobiography.

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